Welcome to the Dhamma School page...
Dear Parents and Students,

We are taking this opportunity with kindness to inform you about the upcoming events related to the excellent learning experiences your children accumulated in the Dhamma School.
 The school is planning to create a few activities related to the Dhamma concepts your children have accomplished and the Children will be requested to perform valuable activities to exhibit their talents, Daham Knowledge and other capabilities.

Based on the activities, an award ceremony will be held on the 23rd of December and certificates will be offered to all children. On the same day, we are planning to have an art exhibition in the auditorium from 2pm. (children will bring their art projects based on The Dhamma concepts they have learned and accomplished and hand them in to their teachers on the 2nd of December


The schedule of events

11/11/2017- from 4pm-6pm- Children will draw and involve in art and craft activities related to Buddhist concepts. Some examples- Drawings from the Jathaka Stories, drawings of the sacred places and historical events in Sri Lanka and How Dhamma/Buddhism can be utilized in daily activities. (Inside the temple premises)
(Please make sure to bring materials such as crayons, markers, pencils, glue, glitter, etc.
11/18/2017-A test will be held from 4pm-6pm based on the Dhamma concepts children have learned. (Please come prepared)
12/23/2017- from 2pm art exhibition, speeches and award ceremony.
Refreshments will be served.
Thank you all for your kind support and participation.
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