The chief incumbent of the vihara was born in 1928. Ordained in 1941, he received his higher ordination in 1950. After obtaining his Royal Pundit degree followed with a bachelor's and a master's degree, he served as a teacher at the Central College, Polgahawela and Ananda College, Colombo, Sri Lanka for several years before proceeding to the United Kingdom on Buddhist missionary work in 1972. He came to New York in 1981, being appointed as the President of the American-Sri Lanka Buddhist Association, Inc. He is the founder and President of New York Buddhist Council, President of Sri Lanka Sangha Council, Vice president of the World Sangha council of north America, Executive Committee Member of the World Conference on Religion and Peace and a Faculty Member of the New School University in Manhattan, New York City. He has authored several books in Sinhala and in English. He conducts regular group discussions on Dhamma and meditation at the vihara.

Venerable  Aluthgama Dhammajothi Thero is a Buddhist monk, born in Sri Lanka in March 1957. He was ordained as a novice monk in 1971 in accordance with the tradition, and practice of Theravada Buddhism in Kollura Sri Walagamba Rajamahaviharaya, Polgahawela, Sri Lanka. He received his higher ordination from Asgiriya Chapter in Kandy, Sri Lanka, He received his primary religious education and disciplinary training in Denagamuwa Pirivena, a Buddhist religious school in Polgahawela, and his secondary religious education in Chandrasela Pirivena ,  Potuhera, Sri Lanka. He was admitted to Colombo University in1981 and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and he received a Diploma in Education in 1992. Before he visited to the USA he has worked as a teacher and also High school principle in Sri Lanka many years. In 1993 he was invited to New York Buddhist Viahara to serve as a resident monk Now he does the leading role in the activities of the New York Buddhist Vihara as the vice president.

Ordained in 1972, he received his higher ordination in 1980. After attending the Monastic Institute (pirivena) for higher Dhamma studies, he served as the chief Incumbent of Kadurugoda Purana Vihara in Sri Lanka. In recognition of his invaluable Service to the Buddha Sasana, he was conferred with the honorary title of "Justice of Peace" with island-wide jurisdiction by the government of Sri Lanka in 1990. He arrived in New York in 1999.
Born in Akmeemana in Galle Sri Lanka, he was ordained in 1967 at the Vijayatungarama, Polgahawela He possesses a Bachelor's degree from Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka, and for fifteen years has served as a teacher . He arrived in New York in 1998.
Ven. Aregama Sirisumana was born on February 13th 1981 in Kegalle Sri Lanka. He was ordained as a Buddhist monk on November 1st 1990 and received his higher ordination on February 2nd 2002. Having received his primary and secondary education at Sri Dharmachandra Buddhist Institute (Pirivena), Kurunegala, Sri Lanka he entered the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2004. Ever since, he functioned as a teacher at the Sri Dheerananda Buddhist Institute Kurunegala, Sri Lanka until his departure to U.S. in late 2005.
Ven. Wekandawala Thusitha was born in 1983. He was traditionally ordained as a Buddhist Monk in 1998. He received further training towards Higher Ordination at Midigama Sirisumana and Middeniya Sri Sumangla religious institutions. He continued his Higher education at the Papiliyana Sunetra Mahadevi Collage. In 2003 after completing successfully the required proficiency he received his Higher Ordination under the guidance of Ven. Gammeddegoda Kusalagnana. He attended the Kelaniya University of Sri Lanka in 2004 and received a B.A. (hons.) in Buddhism and Pali Language in 2008. Rev. Wekandawala Thusitha left Nawa Polonnaru Galviharaya, Dehiwala in Sri Lanka for New York in 2008.